Pyramid management believes that acknowledgement should be given to those individuals who participate in working incident free and demonstrate commitment to maintaining continuous employment with the organization. To demonstrate our appreciation, Pyramid Corporation has implemented the following Employee Recognition Program based on individual hours worked incident free, and the years of service criteria listed below.

We have changed, as well as, updated the Safety Recognition Program. The way you collect points has not changed. You receive 1 point for every hour safely worked, timed by the years of continuous service. 160hr x 5 years of service=800 points earned monthly.

* If this is your first time logging in: use your first and last name for your username. Password is defaulted to your employee ID. Example: Username-jane_smith Password: 17998

* Please ensure you use the name as it is listed on your payroll. The site is case sensitive.

* Once you have completed this you will be requested to change your password and add an email address before you can continue. At this point you can enter further information on your account or leave it with just the email.

* If you have already set up your account but have forgotten your password, you can use the "forgot password" option. The website will email you a temporary password.

Now you are ready to redeem your points. Current points total is located beside your name in brackets.

The points are usually about 4-6 weeks behind as they are based on your hours.

Once you have selected your item(s), they will be in your cart. Select check out and make sure to click the box on the right of your items

Shipping option:

  1. Choose your area location. Contracts employees will need to choose Corporate Head Office. We will then ship to contract or hold for pick-up.

Payment Options:

If the product you are interested in exceeds your point value you have the option to pay the difference via payroll deduction (Max $400). If you are terminating your employment payroll deduction is not an option.

Any other questions or concerns you can email pyramidrewards@pyramidcorporation.com