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Product Description:

The Noon VR Pro transforms your smartphone into a personal VR theatre with premium sound, beautiful visuals, and PC-to-VR Wi-Fi streaming. A lot of virtual reality (VR) experiences end up simply being five-minute toys that you play with for a bit, then chuck to the side. That isn’t the case with the Noon VR Pro, which works with your smartphone to create a personal, fully immersive VR theatre. Using the sleek headset, high-quality stereo headphones, the dedicated app (Android and iOS), PC-to-VR Wi-Fi streaming feature (Windows and Mac), and the Noon VR Remote feature, you will get a full cinematic experience right at home. While it’s a private movie theatre, you can also share the experience with others by connecting multiple Noon VR headsets to a single computer source to watch movies, home videos, or other entertaining content in real-time

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     Imperial: 7.205" x 7.146" x 4.016" - 0.816 lbs
     Metric: 7.21cm x 7.15cm x 10.2cm - 0.37 kg

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