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Product Description:

Cooking eggs have never been easier! The Cuisinart® Egg Central cooks up to 10 eggs at once Includes non-stick 4-egg Poaching Tray and 3-egg Omelet Tray Vented domed lid is brushed stainless steel; sleek shape looks great on the counter! Amount of water added regulates cooking time for omelets, poached and soft, medium or hard cooked eggs Piercing pin on base of water beaker lets you pierce eggs before cooking to keep shell from cracking Single On/Off switch and indicator light Stand Mode helps prevent eggs from overcooking All removable parts are dishwasher safe Includes two egg holders for serving . 

Shipping Dimensions:
     Imperial: 6.700" x 6.700" x 9.500" - 2.500 lbs
     Metric: 6.7cm x 6.7cm x 24.13cm - 1.14 kg

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